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Boxing Training & Private Boxing Gym

I offer private boxing training & boxing gym sessions in Brooklyn. Read more about my boxing program:

We start with a warm-up which includes moves like lateral steps, high knees and jumping rope as well as calisthenics like push-ups, planks & squats.

Boxing Drills

Then it’s time to drill techniques that will be used during the session, followed by hitting focus mitts, where I will test your coordination, technique & stamina. This is the most engaging part of the workout!

We finish with a burnout and conditioning drill, as well as a cool-down to properly bring the body back to a relaxed state.

Boxing Training Videos Playlist

Whether it’s fun or serious, if you are looking for boxing in Williamsburg/Bushwick, you have found the right place!

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I am highly flexible, let me know your desired day and time, and I will work my schedule around for your convenience