Our personal trainer in Brooklyn probably hears “I’m working out but I’m not seeing any results” more than any other complaint about exercise. People want to see their hard work pay off, of course, which means they get impatient when they aren’t seeing any results. Here are a few things that could potentially be getting in the way of your progress.

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One big factor that might be contributing to the lack of results from your workout is a lack of consistency. How often are you working out? Are you working out regularly or only when it’s most convenient for you? Is this a week on and a week off situation? It’s important that whatever your workout routine is, you are consistent with it. Consistency is what will result in visible and long-lasting results for your body. There is a reason, after all, that exercise is about repeating things over and over. It’s this repeated strain and effort placed upon your muscles that actually leads to what you are looking for in your workout. 


The problem that a lot of people face when working out extensively is that they don’t eat enough for results to actually show. It’s important to feed your muscles as you work them out, or else they are simply not going to grow. If you have a fast metabolism this is particularly important. You must pay particular attention to what you are eating, and a simple protein shake once a day won’t really cut it. Finding a nutrition plan that works for both your body type and your fitness goals will be key in order to achieve them. If you are eating exactly what you were eating right before you start working out, you are probably not going to see results anytime soon.


Say you are looking for very specific results. For example, you might want to have a defined six-pack or maybe you specifically want your arms to be bigger. Either way, you probably want to target these areas if you want to see results. This doesn’t mean that you should only exercise these specific parts every time you go to the gym. What it does mean is that you should devote each working out session to targeting a specific area of your body. This will allow the areas you want to focus on to receive strenuous stretches of exercise and, therefore, grow more efficiently. Always make sure that your workout sessions target muscle groups to make the most out of them. If you are not really sure about how to do that, a personal trainer in Brooklyn can help you.

Personal Trainer in Brooklyn

If you are looking for a good personal trainer in Brooklyn who can help you see results, look no further than Dynamic Fitness. Here, we will not only guide you through a workout regime that works for you, but we will help you develop the right dietary habits to ensure consistent and long-lasting progress. Just give us a call at (516) 580-2482 and we’ll get you started on your Dynamic Fitness journey.