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In this video we go over what my functional training routine looks like. This includes  a proper warm-up activating large muscle groups like the core (transverse abdominis/ external & internal obliques.)

I also make sure to train all planes of movement, such as side to side motions and rotational mechanics. I recommend clients to complement their routines with my functional training system, since it is designed to help you not only burn fat and build lean muscle, but to also move better overall!

Explosive Functional Workout

One of my explosive training routines, using multi-plane, ballistic movements that train all aspects the neuro-muscular system, from aerobic/anaerobic endurance, to agility and coordination.

It might seem difficult, but with guidance and hard work, you can learn how to move like an athlete, as well as feel great overall.

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Arjang Jameh – Functional training personal trainer in Williamsburg/Bushwick Brooklyn.

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