Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices?

Prices are flexible depending on the number of sessions the client can commit to as well as their affordability. Generally anywhere from $65-85 an hour. Every new prospective client is given a free session and assessment.

Where is training done?

Training is done at the Green Fitness Studio (232 Varet Street, BK 11206) and in McCarren Park on certain days with good weather. Green Fitness Studio is fantastic, the best gym in Brooklyn!

How do we begin training? How is scheduling done?

We first do a free session/assessment and then we can talk about a plan that works best for you. All scheduling is done using the Calendly app with a link provided to every new client, easy to schedule/cancel and I get notified of every session that is scheduled.

What does the training consist of?

My training system works for every person. Whether the goal is building muscle, losing weight, improving posture, reducing injuries, gaining functionality, improving diet or breathing, my plan is designed to help every person become more athletic, gain a better understanding of their body, and everyone is given homework and nutrition support.

How are payments done?

Payments can be done by cash (biggest discount), Zelle or Venmo.

What Areas do you train in?

Bushwick | Williamsburg | Greenpoint | Brooklyn | Manhattan | Bedford

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