18 09, 2020

Fitness Coach in Brooklyn is Ready to Help You Be Active Again

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We’ve all been a little stagnant in the past few months. Quarantine hit a lot of us hard in terms of physical activity. Maybe you went jogging a few times or messed around with some weights at home, but motivation can be hard when you’re not in a gym with other people. That’s understandable. However, as gyms begin to reopen in New York City, you’re going to run out of excuses not to be active again. Getting back into the habit might be a little bit hard, of course, since you might be out of practice. [...]

15 09, 2020

Working Out By Yourself vs Getting a Personal Trainer in Williamsburg

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Maybe you love getting to the gym and enjoying the freedom to work out whichever way you feel like the day of. Perhaps you prefer to have someone else walk you through each exercise, routine, and session. Like any area of fitness, there are different approaches for this. People are always asking us about this. In fact, how many times have you joined a new gym and wondered about this yourself? Should you get the help of a personal trainer in Williamsburg or should you just work out by yourself? Well, we are here to help [...]

10 02, 2020

9 Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness Tips

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1) Break Unhealthy Habits, Behaviors and Patterns The first step in health and wellness starts by stopping behaviors that are damaging to the body. This is extremely important and often overlooked. Exercise and diet are not going to get the job done if you are smoking, inactive for most of the day, sitting for extended periods, stress eating by pounding junk and processed foods, and not getting enough sleep, among other things. So in order to create a plan of health optimization for yourself, first outline the negative habits, and work to reduce and eliminate [...]