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Professional personal training, fitness, and boxing training based in Brooklyn, NY. Evolution has certain movement patterns built into us, and a proper exercise program should allow us to move well into old age efficiently and without pain. It’s all about having an understanding of proper biomechanics and the forces that nature places on us on a daily basis.




A diet plan needs to be geared towards longevity, performance, and sustainability. But it has to be practical and easy to maintain. It should not be intimidating, but rather simple and exciting! With the proper information and planning, it can be done.

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Learning how to recover from activity can be a science of its own. It is also important to know how to develop and maintain proper sleep timing to rejuvenate the body. Other techniques that can boost longevity (a process called Autophagy) include fasting, meditation and cold thermogenesis.

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  • RNASM Certified
  • RCSAC Pro Boxing Trainer License
  • RB.A. in Psychology – Stony Brook University
  • R15+ years experience in martial arts competition, coaching and training athletes of all levels
  • RWell versed in corrective rehabilitation and massage therapy.
  • R10+ years experience in functional training

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Healthy breakfast ingredients: seeds, nuts, oats, and fruits.

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Fitness Case Study: Eric

My success in transforming Eric’s health is the reason why I love what I do. Eric first came to me for help years ago, being overweight and depressed. He also had a binge eating problem where he would eat large quantities of junk food as a way to deal with anxiety and depression. I set him on a plan to work with me 3-4 days a week doing weight training and boxing workouts and to perform mini workouts on his own in order to not lose track of his progress. Along with nutritional and motivational coaching, he was on his journey to long term and lasting good health.

It was not an easy path, and several times throughout our training he would relapse to his old habits and disappear from the gym for weeks at a time. However, I did not give up on him, and with patience I was able to steer him back toward his goal. The day came where the snowball effect set in, and we were able to maintain momentum with a strong work ethic.

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After a little over a year of consistent training and maintaining a proper diet, Eric was able to lose 40 pounds and eliminate his poor eating habits. The added benefits were higher energy levels, an elevated mood, and a desire to be involved in boxing and martial arts. He has since competed in several amateur kickboxing matches and his renewed sense of fitness has extended into his work and relationships with family and friends. He is now motivation for others to take up a healthy lifestyle.

Things are always hard at first, but with the right game plan and guidance, I believe that anyone can achieve his/her goals and maintain a dynamic mentality to health and happiness. I’m very proud of Eric and what he has achieved, and always share his story with others who are struggling through their fitness journey.

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